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Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

If you have to cancel or interrupt your trip because of a covered reason, this insurance will reimburse you for nonrefundable deposits. What is a covered reason? It depends on the policy. Reasons may include illness, tour operator bankruptcy, or terrorism. Most companies selling these policies require that you book your trip cancellation policy within seven days of making your initial trip deposit.

Travel Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is often paired with medical insurance, in which case the combination is referred to as Travel Insurance.

The medical element of travel insurance is critical, since very few health plans travel beyond their country of issue. Indeed, most HMOs and many PPOs don't travel well even beyond their local network.

If you're not sure whether your health plan will cover you on a particular trip, then ASK!!!! If you travel a lot, buy an annual travel insurance policy that will cover you wherever you go.

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